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How to Create a Fall Bucket List with Your Kids

How to Create a Fall Bucket List with Your Kids

We as moms often feel the pressure to do ALL the things. We also want to give our kids the very best, which there is nothing wrong with! But if we stop to think about what our kids really want… is our attention, time, and love. Our kids just want to be with us. I also LOVE watching my children experience things for the first time. Seeing the magic and wonder in their eyes. I’m determined this year to focus on creating memories with my kids. I highly recommend reading the book ‘Memory Making Mom’ by Jessica Smart to get some ideas!

One of the things our family likes to do is to create a bucket list for each season. Before that season is here, we all sit down and talk about the things we want to do and experience together. Going through this process helps me not feel the pressure to do EVERYTHING, but instead focusing on doing only the things we will all enjoy. Every family is unique. Pick things that you will all love!

Here’s Our Fall Family Bucket List:

  1. Go to the apple orchard to pick apples
  2. Host a chili (or any soup!) cook off
  3. Go on a hayride
  4. Ride along in Grandpa’s combine and help with harvest
  5. Make homemade applesauce (my toddler’s favorite snack!) and apple crisp from our apples from the orchard
  6. Have a bonfire & drink apple cider
  7. Go on a family hike & notice the changing leaves
  8. Rake a leaf pile and jump in!
  9. Visit our local pumpkin patch / corn maze
  10. Paint our pumpkins 

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas and inspiration to start creating memories this coming season with your family! Happy Fall Y’all!

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